We Offer A Comprehensive Suite Of Training And Qualifications In Health, Safety And Environmental Management. We Educate People All Over The World To Help Them Improve Their Knowledge And Skills, Reduce Risks, Make Workplaces Healthier And Safer For Everyone And Improve Long-Term Business Performance. The following is some of our open and customized training:

1. Training and Certification of 150 Personnel Certified in Industrial HSE level 1-3 for Nigerian Institution of Safety Engineers.

2. Training and certification of personnel on Fire Watch for ExxonMobil offshore projects.

3. Training of personnel on Construction Safety for Kingsor Engineering Ltd

4. Environmental management and Environmental Audit program

5. Construction Safety training for Marlum Ltd.

6. Safety competence development program for Safety Managers. We have trained over 42 participants in the last 1 year

7. Safety awareness and safety performance training for workers in various sectors. Over 250 participants trained in the last one and a half years in about 14 organizations.